Precision Requires FHIR

March 20, 2016

Unfortunately like paper records, the failure to foster true interoperability as part of the Meaningful Use criteria used to guide EMR implementation left the industry with valuable data locked up in proprietary formats and incompatible data definitions.

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How to Keep Score

September 1, 2015

Although it is obvious that the difference between a 90-point and 89-point wine is insignificant, and the higher-scored wine may potentially be inferior depending on our intended use, the price difference to the consumer for the higher-scored wine can easily exceed $30.

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Patient Driven Staffing Levels

July 20, 2015

On average, hospitals devote close to 70 percent of their budget to labor costs. Until robots replace humans in the delivery of patient care, selection of the proper skill mix and number of nurses remains a significant factor that determines cost in provider organizations.

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Square Peg – Round Hole Problem

July 6, 2015

Rapid adoption of EHRs has been hindered by a variety of factors, including a fragmented marketplace, changing federal incentives, provider uncertainty about the regulatory landscape, and the striking lack of interoperability between systems.

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Strategic Operational Plans

May 20, 2015

Standing up in a canoe is hard enough. Standing up in two canoes with one foot in each while traveling through Class 4 rapids is mind-boggling.
Class 4 rapids are defined as “intense, powerful but predictable …

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